The following are some cases that have come to our attention since the completion of The Yowie: In Search Of Australia’s Bigfoot. We don’t intend to post every newly received report here. People who want to read other fresh reports (and other yowie-related information) can find them on the Australian Yowie Research website.

1995. Roxby Downs, SA.

When he was 11 years old, Jarrod Nicholson, his mate Fred and three younger boys rode their bikes to a secluded dam about 30 minutes from Roxby Downs.

“We were there no longer than 20 minutes”, Jarrod recalls, “when the youngest member of the group complained that someone in a fur suit was stalking the bush (desert) around the huge clay pan we were in … but nobody else saw it. About an hour passed … before me and Fred saw it running … crouching … to another hiding spot. He stopped there behind a small dune and kept watching.

“The three younger lads started heading back [but] Fred and I were too curious to leave and crouched near the dam … watching him. Ten minutes passed with no movement, so we proceeded carefully towards the thing. We … closed half the gap, when the beast became enraged … and stood up, revealing its true size.

The thing was around six foot, maybe seven foot, very lanky and skinny, with tannish coloured hair or fur similar to a camel’s covering its entire body except around the eyes. I was too scared to get any better … look at it.

“He started towards us and that was it. We turned and ran as fast as we could to the bikes … pedalling our hearts out, not looking back for a second. Halfway home my chain fell off … I screamed for my friend to stop, but he kept going (“better you than me”, I suppose). I just dropped the bike and ran all the way home … I was in trouble with the old man for leaving my bike behind.

“That was … the scariest thing to ever happen to me (and I’ve seen some scary things working underground for the last four years). At the time we believed that it wanted to attack us, but now I think he was just after a drink and us little bastards were in his way.”

[It is worth noting that in The History of Australian Exploration From 1788-1888, Ernest Favenc wrote about two squatters named Oakden and Hulkes who, while searching for good grazing land to the west of Lake Torrens in 1851, were told by Aborigines that ape-like creatures were sometimes encountered in the area. Roxby Downs is only 80 km west of Lake Torrens].

Email from Jarrod Nicholson to Australian Yowie Research, August 17, 2006. Credit: Dean Harrison.

1980, summer. Clyde Mountain, NSW. About 10 pm.

While driving between Braidwood and Batemans Bay, Sheila Eden and her husband started the steep and winding Clyde Mountain descent at about 10 pm. On about the second or third bend they saw a large creature that had apparently come up from the right hand (downhill) side of the road and was now crossing it on all fours.

Their first impression was of an enormous dog, but they soon realised it was more like “a huge monkey”. As they braked and came closer it turned towards them, raised itself to a “half crouch” and ran up the road past the car. “It was solid, thickset, bigger than my husband. It was not a normal animal”

It was all over very quickly. Sheila doesn’t remember seeing a head, just shoulders and long arms that were “hanging, moving but not swinging”. The hair, which shook as it ran, was “browny-black” and about three or four inches long.

The car had almost come to a stop as the creature dashed past the driver’s side window, “so close that my husband could have touched it.” Even in a half crouch, it was taller than the vehicle: “Its shoulder would have been level with the top of the window.”

A strange smell lingered for a few moments afterwards, but Sheila wasn’t sure whether it was related to the creature or to burnt rubber from their tyres. Shaken and suddenly rather scared, the couple hurriedly rolled up their windows and drove away. Sheila is now too frightened to drive that stretch of road by night.

It is interesting to note that in the summer of 1996, about a kilometre further down the mountain, Peter and Belinda Garfoot of Elmore Vale, Newcastle, saw a seven-foot-tall, hair-covered ape-man cross the same road in broad daylight. (See The Yowie: In Search Of Australia’s Bigfoot, pp. 57-58)

Witness interview with Tony Healy, 27 Mar 2006. Credit: Karen Vickers.

December 1986. Mt Kembla, NSW. 6 am and 12 noon.

One morning, while engaged on upgrading the Unanderra to Dumbarton railway at the base of Mt Kembla, plant operator Ron S. arrived on site early, parked his car in a small clearing and began to read the paper.

“It was just coming up light when I had this feeling, ‘somebody’s behind me’. I’m a big bloke, but it put the wind up me … an eerie feeling.” He got out of the car, took a few steps and found himself only four feet away from “… a dark shadow - and it was big, probably seven feet tall, broad and strong-looking. The head was like ours, but broader and maybe a bit narrower at the top.  I weigh 120 kilos [    lbs]. This was double my weight, if not triple. It might have been a browny colour, scruffy, hairy - I’d say 100 mill [4 inches] long.

“I froze – I didn’t know what to do – run, scream or what. It took off down the hill – hard, rocky terrain, a lot of thick lantana … trees … underscrub … it went crashing through. Long strides. The arms were down near the knees, [they] were swinging. It wasn’t a person.” It left “a real horrible smell … like when your dog goes out and rolls in something. Filthy, dirty, musty. I got back in the car and just shook. Even now [20 years later, as he recalled the event] I’m shaking … goose pimples. 

“I was bewildered. All day blokes were saying, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ and I’d say, ‘Nothing, nothing’ – I wouldn’t tell anybody.

“Then, about two weeks later, about a kilometre up the escarpment, me and another bloke seen it – clear as a bell this time. We were having lunch at 12 o’clock, and my mate … looked up and says, ‘Jesus Christ – what’s that?’ Straight across the train line there’s a bank that rises up – and this thing was standing there, 50 metres away, just inside the tree line, in clear view.

“I reckon it was the same one – same size and dimensions. It was like an orang-utan – because it was orangey-coloured hair.” The head hair was thick, “wild and dirty”; on the chest it seemed sparser, but around the lower abdomen it was so thick that it was impossible to say if the creature was male or female.

“One hand was on a tree and it was, like, looking at us, saying ‘What are you doing here?’ A face like a monkey … shiny, dark, probably like a gorilla … didn’t have a nose like ours … more broad. His eyes were deep, dark … the contact was there between me and him … an aggressive look that was overpowering and scary. I was shaking like an autumn leaf again – waiting for it to come bellerin’ down the hill and attack us – that’s the feeling you got - [but] it just turned and walked away up the escarpment … big strides, nobody could step that long … torso bent forward slightly. And you could smell that odour as soon as he moved. It’s a horrible smell and it stays with you – it’s something you don’t forget.”

Witness interview with Paul Cropper, 20 May 2006. Credit: Dean Harrison.

Circa 1990, summer. Near Jenolan Caves, NSW. 10 am.

McKeons Creek runs through a gorge to the east of Edith Road, just outside Kanangra Boyd National Park. Luke Simon, then 26 years old, was quite familiar with the area. On the morning in question, he “decided to go hunting for a couple of rabbits, and  … walked down and saw a movement out of the corner of my eye … downhill, to my right, a good hundred metres away. It’s native bush, a lot of fallen trees, difficult to walk through, but I did have a clear line of sight.

“At first I thought it was a deer, because it was big, but when I took a closer look … I thought, ‘That’s not right!’ It was humanoid … like a giant man in a giant ape suit … no discernable neck … I didn’t see its face, only its back as it was going off through the scrub. And I brought the rifle up – just instinct - and actually took a shot at it. But that didn’t have any effect whatsoever – it just kept going. I was in such a state … open sights … I probably missed.

“I’m six foot two; this was at least two metres tall – like nothing I’ve seen before in my life – not even a gorilla. I’m 110 kilos. If I could make a stab, [it would have weighed] as much as a horse. From shoulder to shoulder it would have been four feet, and the head … was very big.  It was huge – it could easily take me apart. Quite long hair [all over the body] like a matted dog. Dark brown. I saw its arms: long, very thick, about the same [relative length] as a human’s; I didn’t see any swinging motion. The only thing that struck me as being different was its neck: it didn’t appear to have a neck, as such. It walked like a man.

“The smell of it – that’s what struck me almost immediately, was the stench: it stunk really badly. Like a dead animal, very strong, pungent.”

Thoroughly rattled, Luke returned hurriedly to Edith Road and drove away.

Witness interview with Paul Cropper, August 2006, Credit: Dean Harrison.