Huge Footprint found near Canungra Creek, Qld, in Feb 2001 (Case 240) 

Illustration from an 1895 book describing the killing of a huge bipedal creature in north Qld (Case 31)

Sketch by eyewitness.

Qld, March 1996 (Case 272)

Eyewitness sketch from Eden, NSW

1994/5 (Case 200)

Eyewitness sketch,

Maria River NSW

1930’s incident (Case 53)

Sketch of a yowie sighted by Corporal  J. Webster of the Australian SAS in Palmerston National Park, Qld in July 1985 (Case 265)

One of a several strange prints found on a remote wild horse trail in the Barrington Tops National Park, NSW 1986 (Case 165)

Aboriginal cave painting of Turramulli, the giant yowie-like Quinkin from Queensland

Eyewitness sketch from Coonabarabran, NSW

1978/9 (Case 131)

Eyewitness sketch from Cooma, NSW June 1981 (Case 149)

Eyewitness sketches by an Army Reservist on exercises near

Innisfail Qld in 1997 (Case 219)

One of 16 deep impressions photographed after a sighting near Kempsey, NSW in January 1995 (Case 203)

Eyewitness Sketch from Woolamia, NSW, July 1985 (Case 161)

Dog wounded after being crushed by a yowie in Woodenbong, NSW, August 1977 (Case 111)

Eyewitness Sketch from Eudlo Qld,

1990 (Case 183)

Three sketches of the same creature by an eyewitness,

Acacia Hills, NT

August 1997 (Case 220)

Researcher Bill Chalker’s sketch completed under the direction of a witness from Woodenbong, NSW, whose sighting took place in November 1976 (Case 105)

Witness Pxie B’s sketch of a creature she encountered near Tweed Heads in NSW in early 2008.

Sketch by researcher Steve Carter, assisted by the primary witness, of a strange creature sighted several times near Warwick in south-east Qld in April 2008.

Another Warwick sketch by researcher Steve Carter, assisted by the primary witness.