The Yowie

In Search of Australia’s Bigfoot


Australia’s Greatest Zoological Mystery!

•336 pages summarising over 25 years of research

•Over 100 rare photos, maps and eyewitness sketches

•Includes a chronological listing of over 300 sightings

•Foreword by noted cryptozoologist Loren Coleman

During the early colonial era, Australian Aborigines often warned British settlers to beware of huge, ape-like creatures that lurked in the rugged mountains and deep forests of the island continent. Their people, they said, had been encountering the hairy horrors since time immemorial. They knew them by many names, including doolagarl, thoolagarl, jurrawarra and tjangara.

Soon the colonists, too, began to experience hair-raising encounters with the elusive, foul-smelling giants, which they referred to as “Australian apes”, “yahoos” or “youries”. Today, they are generally referred to as yowies. The list of modern-day eyewitnesses includes zoologists, rangers, surveyors and members of the elite Special Air Service Regiment.

This book chronicles the yowie saga from the pre-colonial era to the present day. It contains over 300 carefully documented eyewitness reports and a vast amount of other data, much of which suggests the mysterious creatures really do exist. The authors also critically examine the many theories that have been put forward to explain – or explain away – Australia’s most baffling zoological mystery.

‘The Yowie’ has been pubished in the US and UK by Anomalist Books and in Australia by Strange Nation publishing. What’s the difference? Nothing really content or design-wise.

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Witness sketch of creature seen near Mount George, NSW, on July 31, 2009. For more info on this multiple witness case click here.

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About The Authors

Paul Cropper (left) has been involved in yowie research since 1976 when, at the age of 14, he uncovered several long-forgotten colonial-era eyewitness reports. 

Tony Healy became fascinated by the mystery at about the same time, after hearing fragments of Aboriginal dulagarl lore on the New South Wales south coast.

They have collaborated on many projects, notably in co-authoring Out of the Shadows, Mystery Animals of Australia (Ironbark/Pan Macmillan, 1994), which contained a lengthy chapter about the elusive hairy giants.

They don’t confine themselves to yowie research. Over the past 30 years they have searched for lake monsters, yetis, out-of-place big cats and other semi-legendary animals in Fiji, North America, the Bahamas, Iceland, Ireland, Great Britain, Nepal, Malaysia and in every state and territory of Australia.


Listen to Tim Binnalls’ fantastic 2 hour interview with Tony Healy at Binnall of America, recorded April 2007.

Seen a yowie or interested in the book? You can contact the authors here or call us on the mobile number below.

Learn More About the Yowie

The best place to learn more about the elusive Yowie is at the exhaustive and informative AYR web site.


Contact us on Mob.0412.572.587. All reports are completely confidential.

CryptoNT - The Northern Territory Research Group

A group of Darwin-based people, who have been collecting Top End yowie lore for some time, have recently set up new research organisation called CryptoNT.  They invite anyone who knows of Northern Territory (NT) yowie sightings or track finds to contact them on their organisation's dedicated number: 0416 650 228.


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Australian Edition Now Out of Print (Jan 2013)

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Mount George NSW, 31 July 2009

"Masterful book..." - Fortean Times

"Healy and Cropper have written a masterpiece."  The Blogsquatcher

“It's rare to read a book on cryptozoology so well written and entertaining. Readable from cover to cover, Healy and Cropper's volume is a small treasure.” Sharon Hill, Skeptic.

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